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Quote from my mother, from yesterday: "You're going to go to Japan, and bring back a man, aren't you?"

The magazines I ordered last month finally got here today! ♥ One of them included a poster -- well, okay, all of them included posters, but only one included a poster I actually cared enough about to hang up :D


I just look up to my right, and there he is~ ♥ That's the only place I have to put posters without using tape, so it's now covering up my little FMA poster. Ah well! :D

The other side of it has Zukki and Araki, which kind of makes me sad since there's no way I'll ever be turning it around.

Also, because he's sharing the poster space, I feel like mentioning -- I like Tomo. ♥ He seems like a really nice guy, and he and Setomaru seem to have become friends, and that makes me happy. ♥ (I have a feeling that still hasn't stopped Setomaru from going to watch movies by himself, but, well, whatever. :D) He's also, coincidentally, the only D-Boy I call by his first name, and that's because his last name is really long and kinda hard to say, and, since it's "Yanagishita," it's too close to "Yanagi." "Tomo" is just much easier to deal with. :D (<-- Name obsession showing itself yet again)

I'm trying to decide whether I should clean, write, or do my Japanese homework. Hmm...I think I'll do my homework while I watch Heroes. And, well, the cleaning can wait another day, it won't hurt anything :D

...And now to decide what to write... :D
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A couple of my own "Top 5" lists :D

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