rensahannou: (Default), I was bored tonight and decided to go ahead and write up one of the fic ideas I've had for what seems like forever. Enjoy! ♥

Title: "Hidden Intentions"
Author: Kaede
Pairing: Golden Pair
Rating: G, completely worksafe
Length: about 2,600 words

Notes:, having no actual experience with kissing games, I just kind of made up the rules to this one based on stuff I remember from TV shows and such. They probably don't even play games like this in Japan. Whatever. :D Also, this has had very little editing. You've been warned.

(Random girl's name from random name generator)

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I just listened to the Golden Pair's new CD.

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Apr. 26th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Title: "Keeping Promises"
Author: Kaede (me!)
Rating: G, I would think
Characters: Oishi and Eiji
Warnings: Kind of a spoiler for the first OAV, and whatever corresponds to that in the manga (in regards to Oishi), although nothing is actually mentioned. Also, angst.
Notes: This is the result of a weird combination of what is in the first OAV, what I've heard happened in the manga, and what I thought about one morning before I was actually fully awake. If you've seen the OAV or read whatever manga chapter that is, you'll know what's going on. If not, you probably won't.
Length: a little under 900 words

Extra notes: This is the first full fanfic I've ever written. I'm so glad I actually finally finished something!! I actually started writing another Golden Pair one a while ago, but I wanted something done in time for Oishi's birthday (this Sunday, the 30th!), and that one's going to be taking a while longer, so I decided to write something shorter. However, this fic isn't exactly the best birthday present for poor Oishi, so if I have time I think I'll write another one of the short-fic ideas I have. This is also the first time I've ever written a story in the present tense. It just seemed to fit better, and it was fun writing that way. : ) Oh, and this is un-beta-read, because I don't know anyone to ask to beta-read things. *sweatdrop* Comments and (constructive) criticism welcome!

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