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But I'm posting anyway. :D

So, I've now entered the crazy world of SMJ and Yahoo! Japan auctions. And discovered just how very, very easy it is to click that little button and bid on something.

But the pictures are pretty, so it's justified. :D

Today in Japanese class we started learning keigo. Keigo is, in a word, EVIL. And I like how our teacher's all "Yeah, it's hard, and no one really uses it right anyway -- but it's important for you to learn it!" Ah well. At least I got a full score on the kanji quiz today! :D

I'm tired~ And I have to get up at...5, I think, in the morning to watch the RJM II broadcast. And then I have to watch tomorrow night's Panic Studio...let's see if I can stay up that long without needing a nap :D

...My post is very :D-filled today. :D

Hmm. I'm looking back over the lyrics for "Type wa D!," and I have a question...For Eiji's answer to Oishi's question:

"A. Tsune ni shinka shiteru
Tensai ni shikaku wa nashi! Dakara SINGLES!"

[ profile] fencer_x, your translation uses "you," but could he be talking about himself there? For some reason, when I read it before, I was reading that as an in-general "you," which didn't make a whole lot of sense, but then, that's nothing new as far as Japanese songs go. Reading it now I realize it's probably refering to either Eiji or Oishi -- but which one? If it's about Eiji, it's just him being silly and cocky, but if it's about's ADORABLE. Saying Oishi's so good that he doesn't really need Eiji, so Eiji prefers singles. I'm curious. Either interpretation could lead to Oishi's "Are you serious?!" ...But I wonder if Oishi's interpretation was the right one? :D *thinking too much about it*
rensahannou: (Default), I was bored tonight and decided to go ahead and write up one of the fic ideas I've had for what seems like forever. Enjoy! ♥

Title: "Hidden Intentions"
Author: Kaede
Pairing: Golden Pair
Rating: G, completely worksafe
Length: about 2,600 words

Notes:, having no actual experience with kissing games, I just kind of made up the rules to this one based on stuff I remember from TV shows and such. They probably don't even play games like this in Japan. Whatever. :D Also, this has had very little editing. You've been warned.

(Random girl's name from random name generator)

Click for fic~ *giggle* That rhymes :D )

Will be x-posted to [ profile] golden_pair at some point or another. (Hence the footnoting.)
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I just listened to the Golden Pair's new CD.

Cut for large fonts and extreme fangirling )


Nov. 14th, 2006 01:06 am
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I have to sleep so I can't listen to the whole soundtrack yet but


To be more specific:


Okay, okay, so I haven't quite watched the other cast videos enough to pick out anyone else's voices easily (well, except Aiba's), but whatever.

TakiYuki's voice is so...distinct. And in the complete opposite way Tuti's is. TakiYuki's voice is...light. Not high-pitched, not soft, just...light. I don't know how else to describe it. But...yes. It fits Oishi wonderfully. ♥

And Setomaru. ARE YOU TRYING TO SOUND LIKE NAGAYAN? THANK YOU. It's more his speaking than singing, but that's okay. ♥

If I'm not mistaken, in that first song, when everyone's singing about everyone else, it's Eiji and Oishi singing about each other -- the way it should be. I know it's TakiYuki singing when it's about Eiji, and I'm pretty sure it's Setomaru when it's about Oishi. Gaaaah, Golden Pair ♥ ♥

Uh...yeah, I haven't paid that much attention to anyone else yet. Although, Tezuka's actor can't sing at all compared to Shirota, but that's okay, because 1. Shirota could sing, and 2. I don't like Tezuka anyway. ♥ And the new Ryoma just sounds cute. ♥

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See, this is why I had to wait till the weekend to write -- it's after 4:30 in the morning. Ah well, I have over 6,000 words now. :D

These darn boys, though -- I've had quite a few scenes of this thing worked out in my head for a while now, one of the most important of which was the first kiss. Which wasn't supposed to happen for a long while. Eiji decided to go and get impatient, though, and since I'm letting him narrate, there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it. But again, ah well. :D

I do find it amusing that my nice, planned-out beginning somehow turned into something very resembling crack. I blame Eiji and his lack of sanity. ♥

[Edit]: For anyone who's interested, I now have an excerpt up on my NaNo profile. It's not the beginning, but I like it better than the beginning, so...*shrug* Read it if you'd like. ♥ And now, I need sleep.
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SugoiCon was this past weekend; I'll have a report about its complete awesomeness up sometime later. :D

But for now, NaNo! )

In completely unrelated news, I'm finally going to a meeting of the Japanese Club today. (I was roped into joining the club earlier in the semester, but haven't been able to attend anything yet.) We're apparently making okonomiyaki, which is friggin' awesome. :D


Oct. 20th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Okay, so, my birthday was Wednesday, and I'm going to make a longer post later about what I got and how I'm turning my mom into a *pnish* fan, but one of the things I got was an MP3 player. Listening to songs on little tiny speakers right in your ears is a slightly different experience than listening to them on comptuer speakers. You notice more things.

Or you finally hear something you suspected long ago well enough to become convinced.

I take it you have all heard Eiji's song "My Lover"? (If not, let me know and I'll figure out some way to get it to you.) Well, in that song, there's another voice singing along with Eiji's.

Am I the only person who think it sounds like Oishi?

I've thought it for a long time, but I can really hear it now. I wonder if it has that other singer listed in the booklet that comes with the CD? ...I wonder how much the CD is?


Oct. 11th, 2006 11:57 pm
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So, I have decided that this year I'll once again be attempting the self-torture that is National Novel Writing Month. However, after my miserable failure last year with something original, and since virtually all of my creative brainstorming of the past few months has concerned tennis-playing anime characters (and two such characters in particular), I think I'm going to try a fanfic this year.

The problem being that for NaNoWriMo you have to write 50,000 words, and I'm not sure if the fic idea I've had for awhile will last quite that long. But I really want to use my idea, if at all possible...

Then there's the whole thing about having a research paper and a ridiculously large programming project due at the end of November/beginning of December. But I'm sure I won't mind forgoing all of that to write about Eiji and Oishi. :D (Which is the other problem, I suppose...)

Now I just have to finish the fic I'm already in the middle of writing before November gets here. :)


Apr. 26th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Title: "Keeping Promises"
Author: Kaede (me!)
Rating: G, I would think
Characters: Oishi and Eiji
Warnings: Kind of a spoiler for the first OAV, and whatever corresponds to that in the manga (in regards to Oishi), although nothing is actually mentioned. Also, angst.
Notes: This is the result of a weird combination of what is in the first OAV, what I've heard happened in the manga, and what I thought about one morning before I was actually fully awake. If you've seen the OAV or read whatever manga chapter that is, you'll know what's going on. If not, you probably won't.
Length: a little under 900 words

Extra notes: This is the first full fanfic I've ever written. I'm so glad I actually finally finished something!! I actually started writing another Golden Pair one a while ago, but I wanted something done in time for Oishi's birthday (this Sunday, the 30th!), and that one's going to be taking a while longer, so I decided to write something shorter. However, this fic isn't exactly the best birthday present for poor Oishi, so if I have time I think I'll write another one of the short-fic ideas I have. This is also the first time I've ever written a story in the present tense. It just seemed to fit better, and it was fun writing that way. : ) Oh, and this is un-beta-read, because I don't know anyone to ask to beta-read things. *sweatdrop* Comments and (constructive) criticism welcome!

Cross-posted to [ profile] golden_pair

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