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I discovered last week that one of my friends in my Japanese class is on mixi, so I demanded casually asked for an invite. I got the e-mail today, spent much longer than I should have trying to decipher it, and now I'm all signed up~ Here's my sad excuse for a main page. I'll have to take some time and figure out how everything works later, maybe over the weekend.

In other news, I think I'm a little bit in love with this picture. I'm not sure why. ♥ (It's bigger than it looks, by the way. Apparently his phone takes really big, good pictures -- why he's never taken advantage of that before is beyond me. Hopefully he'll always post big pictures from here on out~ ♥)

So, Setomaru's new drama starts on April 2nd, at 26:45, WHATEVER THE CRAP TIME THAT IS. Last time I checked, there were only 24 hours in a day. But anyway. Nagayan's new drama also apparently starts that day.

...Am I the only person that finds it weird that Nagayan is going to be a regular character in a new drama? Doesn't he usually only do guest appearances these days? I've never been able to keep track of all the stuff he's done -- has he ever been a regular character on a drama?

Ah well. Needless to say, I'm rather looking forward to April 2nd. ♥

And April in general, actually, as the release date of Oishi's album has been announced! April 25th, yay~ ♥ I wonder if he'll have a song with Eiji? :D

...Hmm. I should really probably get something constructive done tonight. Like my homework...

[EDIT]: I was all ready to get off the computer and do some homework, but pretty-boy updated, so that plan got delayed. No picture, but the post is adorable enough on its own -- they had a kitten on OhaSuta, and he's talking about how cute it was. ♥ I hope I can find a clip of that on YouTube... Also, his February photos have been posted to [ profile] oha_setomaru, and....gah. Those are the pictures I went a little nuts about when I found them on Yahoo! auctions~ He gets better-looking every month, it's insane.

...So yeah. Homework has suddenly become much less important than staring at pictures. ♥
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I love it how whenever either Tuti or Nagayan makes a blog post, it's usually pretty safe to assume the other one will do the same within a day. Usually just a couple hours. Sometimes 10 minutes.

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I think "Two" may be my new-favorite Oishi solo song. It changes every once in awhile; it used to "Daisuki," then "Hontou no Kimochi"...but I think it's "Two" now. ("Type wa D!", however, remains my favorite song that Oishi sings in. ♥)

In other news...that little video clip posted on [ profile] blossoming_soul a couple of days ago has made me love Nagayan all over again, and Tuti's donut blog post reminded me why he's still my favorite Japanese person ever. ♥

Last night, I rewatched the backstage for the first BuriMyu (wedding video~), then finally got around to watching the musical itself. I found it amusing that Tuti, Nagayan, and MoriEiji dance together, when their characters have no real connection at all other than Toushirou hating Ichimaru. Which isn't really a reason for them to dance together... Also, Rukia's actress sings really well. And I still think it's sad that poor Ishida isn't even in the musicals.

I also rewatched Setomaru's episode of DD-Boys yesterday, and started entertaining the delusion that maybe my new Japanese professor (since he's from the city Setomaru went to) knows the family that owns the Daruma factory in that episode.

My delusions keep me happy, so I allow them. ♥

...I'm bored. I shouldn't be, because I have things I could do, but I am. :D

Oh yes, also -- finally put the RJM II soundtrack in my Winamp playlist, so I've been hearing some songs from it -- why isn't that on DVD?! It sounds like it'd be fun to see.

*end pointless rambling*

TxN ficlet

Dec. 17th, 2006 11:53 pm
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At [ profile] analineblue's insistance, I'm posting this little TutixNagayan ficlet ('cause it's too long to be a drabble, really) I wrote a couple nights ago. After some editing, I don't dislike it as much as I did when I wrote it, but I still don't think it's very good.

Title: Uh...knew I was forgetting something..."Interruption." There we go.
Author: Kaede
Pairing: TutixNagayan
Rating: PG (worksafe, I guess)
Length: little over 600 words

The first TxN thing I've written... It was inspired partly by the fact that we never found out whether Tuti went to Nagayan's second live, and mostly by how some of Nagayan's songs make me feel -- I can only imagine what they must do to Tuti. I've had the idea for a couple months now, I guess, and actually originally imagined it more as a comic than a fic, but like that was ever going to happen. Anyway, its main purpose was to amuse me, so take it in that context. ♥

Also, referring to Nagayan as "Takashi" is really weird.

Don't say I didn't warn you... )
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A couple of my own "Top 5" lists :D

Click click )
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Nagayan's birthday is in a day and a half! And there had better be some decent post-birthday pictures. With people other than stupid Gaku. Or more specifically, with Tuti. *shakes finger at Nagayan*

Speaking of Nagayan...well, kinda-sorta. I've been going a little nuts with taking pictures on my new cell phone ever since I got it in September, and lately I've been thinking it would be fun to have a Nagayan-esque blog where I just post random pictures and a half-sentence or two in Japanese. Because I'm a weirdo. ♥

Also lately, I've been wanting to start a couple lj communities...or talk someone else into starting them. That would work too. One of them is an idea I've had for awhile, for a PoT fanfic writers comm -- not for posting finished fics, but for stuff-in-progress, to get feedback and such on, and also for discussing fic ideas, asking for little bits of info that you sometimes need to know for a fic but have no idea where to find, etc. The other is a community for all, 7 actors who have played the Golden Pair in the musicals. (Oh sure, we'll count Ichitaro, just in the off chance he'll ever actually have a fangirl.) This would be for...well, pretty much anything involving any of them, because they deserve it ♥ Info, fics, media, random fangirling, what-have-you.

*subject change* In case anyone's interested, I'm up to over 14,000 words on my NaNo fic~ I have a feeling I won't get to 50,000 by the end of the month, though, 'cause I have way too much other stuff to do. And Thanksgiving is already next week!! The end of the year is coming up fast...
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Someone really needs to convince Nagayan he should make some music videos. Really.
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I've really got to start paying more attention to things. I didn't notice Nagayan said he was going out of the country until he said he got back. I wonder where he went? And why?

They've added new stuff to the Tenimyu site~ They have the first two "Close Up" interviews up (featuring Seigaku), as well as new site diaries. TakiYuki and Setomaru are in several pictures together, which makes me happy. ♥ The 3rd-gen Golden Pair finally gets a match in this musical! I wish they didn't have to lose. :(

Random: on the NaNo forums for "Other Genres," there's a thread titled "Is anyone writing straight fiction?" My thoughts upon first reading this: "Er, well, I'm not, but that's kind of an odd -- ohhh, they probably mean 'regular' fiction. Oookay then."

Oh, also, for anyone who might have been interested, my topic for my research paper is "the role of women in Japanese politics." Now I just have to figure out a thesis, find some references, and type up an outline. By tomorrow. This is in addition to writing a composition for Japanese, as well as studying for the oral quiz tomorrow. :D


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