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I think "Two" may be my new-favorite Oishi solo song. It changes every once in awhile; it used to "Daisuki," then "Hontou no Kimochi"...but I think it's "Two" now. ("Type wa D!", however, remains my favorite song that Oishi sings in. ♥)

In other news...that little video clip posted on [ profile] blossoming_soul a couple of days ago has made me love Nagayan all over again, and Tuti's donut blog post reminded me why he's still my favorite Japanese person ever. ♥

Last night, I rewatched the backstage for the first BuriMyu (wedding video~), then finally got around to watching the musical itself. I found it amusing that Tuti, Nagayan, and MoriEiji dance together, when their characters have no real connection at all other than Toushirou hating Ichimaru. Which isn't really a reason for them to dance together... Also, Rukia's actress sings really well. And I still think it's sad that poor Ishida isn't even in the musicals.

I also rewatched Setomaru's episode of DD-Boys yesterday, and started entertaining the delusion that maybe my new Japanese professor (since he's from the city Setomaru went to) knows the family that owns the Daruma factory in that episode.

My delusions keep me happy, so I allow them. ♥

...I'm bored. I shouldn't be, because I have things I could do, but I am. :D

Oh yes, also -- finally put the RJM II soundtrack in my Winamp playlist, so I've been hearing some songs from it -- why isn't that on DVD?! It sounds like it'd be fun to see.

*end pointless rambling*
rensahannou: (Default), I was bored tonight and decided to go ahead and write up one of the fic ideas I've had for what seems like forever. Enjoy! ♥

Title: "Hidden Intentions"
Author: Kaede
Pairing: Golden Pair
Rating: G, completely worksafe
Length: about 2,600 words

Notes:, having no actual experience with kissing games, I just kind of made up the rules to this one based on stuff I remember from TV shows and such. They probably don't even play games like this in Japan. Whatever. :D Also, this has had very little editing. You've been warned.

(Random girl's name from random name generator)

Click for fic~ *giggle* That rhymes :D )

Will be x-posted to [ profile] golden_pair at some point or another. (Hence the footnoting.)
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I just listened to the Golden Pair's new CD.

Cut for large fonts and extreme fangirling )


Apr. 26th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Title: "Keeping Promises"
Author: Kaede (me!)
Rating: G, I would think
Characters: Oishi and Eiji
Warnings: Kind of a spoiler for the first OAV, and whatever corresponds to that in the manga (in regards to Oishi), although nothing is actually mentioned. Also, angst.
Notes: This is the result of a weird combination of what is in the first OAV, what I've heard happened in the manga, and what I thought about one morning before I was actually fully awake. If you've seen the OAV or read whatever manga chapter that is, you'll know what's going on. If not, you probably won't.
Length: a little under 900 words

Extra notes: This is the first full fanfic I've ever written. I'm so glad I actually finally finished something!! I actually started writing another Golden Pair one a while ago, but I wanted something done in time for Oishi's birthday (this Sunday, the 30th!), and that one's going to be taking a while longer, so I decided to write something shorter. However, this fic isn't exactly the best birthday present for poor Oishi, so if I have time I think I'll write another one of the short-fic ideas I have. This is also the first time I've ever written a story in the present tense. It just seemed to fit better, and it was fun writing that way. : ) Oh, and this is un-beta-read, because I don't know anyone to ask to beta-read things. *sweatdrop* Comments and (constructive) criticism welcome!

Cross-posted to [ profile] golden_pair

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