Dec. 17th, 2011

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Title: Staying the Course
Disclaimer: Not my boys, although I kind of love them like they were.
Pairings/Characters: Logan/Ozzy
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~4,400
Warnings: none

Summary: Logan and Ozzy go to a Halloween party. One of them is decidedly happier to be there.

Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] palmwoods Harvestfest. Also, because apparently Jagan owns my brain, I wrote a little side-story featuring jealous!James. There's a link to that at the bottom of this fic.

Prompt: (#10) "Logan/Ozzy - After being partners in Green Time Rush, Ozzy and Logan became good friends and eventual boyfriends. Based on Ozzy's reputation, Logan is a bit wary of letting the boys know about their relationship.... Anyways, Ozzy and Logan go to the Palmwoods' Halloween party with matching outfits. Logan is a mad scientist and Ozzy is Frankenstein's monster. The two eventually go off to be alone and make out/sexy time (whatever you feel like writing) Logan meets up with the boys later and has to explain the green paint smudges on his face. Bonus points if at some point you have Logan explain that it's "Frankenstein's monster" and not "Frankenstein" because that is a personal nerdy pet peeve of mine and I feel Logan would feel that way also."

'If you don't hold still this is going to be all smudged.' )

Bonus side-story: 'Corrective Measures'
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Title: Corrective Measures
Disclaimer: Not my boys, although I kind of love them like they were.
Pairings/Characters: Logan/Ozzy, one-sided James/Logan
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word Count: ~950
Warnings: language, jealous!James

Summary: James runs to get something he forgot at the apartment, and sees something he wasn't supposed to.

Author's Notes: Bonus side-story for my Harvestfest fill, 'Staying the Course'. I couldn't help it :| Apparently in my mind there is no way that neither James nor Logan has an interest in the other.

James thought he was doing a pretty good job until he saw the green smudges on Logan's face. )


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