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[ profile] analineblue had a good idea, so I figured I'd steal it ♥ I'm doing Setomaru's profile for [ profile] tenimyu_history, and I think it's more or less complete for now, so I'm going to post it to see how it looks, and see if anyone notices any mistakes or anything I missed ♥ And then I think I'll put it up on [ profile] oha_setomaru at some point.

Seto Kouji profile )

THERE. Yay. ♥ Let me know if you see anything wrong or missing!
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I learn something new, and I just love him that much more. ♥

Because this fandom is wonderful and people love to share, I was able to get ahold of a 4-question interview for Happy Boys~ And it's lovely. The last question, especially. It's something so little, so insignificant, really....but it makes me giddy. ♥

Interview, with me spazzing about it ♥ )

See, [ profile] akahannah, what'd I tell you? I would've lost already :DDD


Apr. 18th, 2007 11:38 pm
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In Setomaru's latest blog entry, he mentioned that he "only has a little sister." I was just short of giddy at finding this out.

"How many siblings" was #2 on my List of Things I Want to Know About Setomaru (wow, that doesn't sound slightly disturbed at all). #1 was, and still is, "Favorite color." I'll find out eventually....

But yeah, anyway. One little sister. (Er, I assume just one, anyway. I think he would have said so if he has more than one?) With as comfortable as he is around young kids, I figured he had younger siblings or cousins~ And I'll bet his sister is more than just a year or two younger.

Now, he needs to follow Tomo's example and post a picture with his sibling. She's probably adorable~ ♥ I SOUND SO CREEPY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????

Oh yes, and speaking of Setomaru -- his birthday is in exactly one month! He'll be 19~ ♥ No, I have no idea why I'm mentioning that. Also also, THE PHOTOBOOKS ARE OUT. Now I just have to wait forever until I get mine. ♥♥♥
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I discovered last week that one of my friends in my Japanese class is on mixi, so I demanded casually asked for an invite. I got the e-mail today, spent much longer than I should have trying to decipher it, and now I'm all signed up~ Here's my sad excuse for a main page. I'll have to take some time and figure out how everything works later, maybe over the weekend.

In other news, I think I'm a little bit in love with this picture. I'm not sure why. ♥ (It's bigger than it looks, by the way. Apparently his phone takes really big, good pictures -- why he's never taken advantage of that before is beyond me. Hopefully he'll always post big pictures from here on out~ ♥)

So, Setomaru's new drama starts on April 2nd, at 26:45, WHATEVER THE CRAP TIME THAT IS. Last time I checked, there were only 24 hours in a day. But anyway. Nagayan's new drama also apparently starts that day.

...Am I the only person that finds it weird that Nagayan is going to be a regular character in a new drama? Doesn't he usually only do guest appearances these days? I've never been able to keep track of all the stuff he's done -- has he ever been a regular character on a drama?

Ah well. Needless to say, I'm rather looking forward to April 2nd. ♥

And April in general, actually, as the release date of Oishi's album has been announced! April 25th, yay~ ♥ I wonder if he'll have a song with Eiji? :D

...Hmm. I should really probably get something constructive done tonight. Like my homework...

[EDIT]: I was all ready to get off the computer and do some homework, but pretty-boy updated, so that plan got delayed. No picture, but the post is adorable enough on its own -- they had a kitten on OhaSuta, and he's talking about how cute it was. ♥ I hope I can find a clip of that on YouTube... Also, his February photos have been posted to [ profile] oha_setomaru, and....gah. Those are the pictures I went a little nuts about when I found them on Yahoo! auctions~ He gets better-looking every month, it's insane.

...So yeah. Homework has suddenly become much less important than staring at pictures. ♥
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Quote from my mother, from yesterday: "You're going to go to Japan, and bring back a man, aren't you?"

The magazines I ordered last month finally got here today! ♥ One of them included a poster -- well, okay, all of them included posters, but only one included a poster I actually cared enough about to hang up :D


I just look up to my right, and there he is~ ♥ That's the only place I have to put posters without using tape, so it's now covering up my little FMA poster. Ah well! :D

The other side of it has Zukki and Araki, which kind of makes me sad since there's no way I'll ever be turning it around.

Also, because he's sharing the poster space, I feel like mentioning -- I like Tomo. ♥ He seems like a really nice guy, and he and Setomaru seem to have become friends, and that makes me happy. ♥ (I have a feeling that still hasn't stopped Setomaru from going to watch movies by himself, but, well, whatever. :D) He's also, coincidentally, the only D-Boy I call by his first name, and that's because his last name is really long and kinda hard to say, and, since it's "Yanagishita," it's too close to "Yanagi." "Tomo" is just much easier to deal with. :D (<-- Name obsession showing itself yet again)

I'm trying to decide whether I should clean, write, or do my Japanese homework. Hmm...I think I'll do my homework while I watch Heroes. And, well, the cleaning can wait another day, it won't hurt anything :D

...And now to decide what to write... :D


Feb. 16th, 2007 11:16 pm
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Someone posted a link on [ profile] oha_setomaru to a OhaSuta video clip from the Februrary 15th show. :D That's just two days ago~ And those February photos did not lie, his hair is looking very nice lately. ♥ It's darker than it was, although I can't tell if it's just fading and growing out, or if he dyed it again.

...Yes, these are the things I spend time thinking about. :D

I was planning on writing tonight, but after anime club I instead felt like watching something. And since it's been, y'know, so long since I'd watched RokkakuMyu, me and my roommate watched that. :D

And, I realized something. If by some miracle I actually ever get to see a TeniMyu performance with the current cast, I wouldn't be able to give a nice, detailed report on it. I'd be able to give a nice, detailed report of one particular character, but that'd be about it. :D 'Cause even after as many times as I've seen RokkakuMyu, when Setomaru's on the screen, he's all I watch. ♥

Of course, the same holds true for Tuti, and for Nagayan when he's in something Tuti's not.

What can I say, I have a one-track mind when it comes to my favorite actor boys. :D

In completely unrelated news, Psych is totally my favorite American TV show. Well, it was already, but if it hadn't been, tonight's episode would have made it my favorite. There was tennis, at least one slashy comment, Japan, and the word "synchronize" -- all in the first 10 minutes. :D The show is also just hilarious in general -- although I am, admittedly, ridiculously easily amused. ♥



I shall now sigh happily in anticipation of AN ENTIRE ALBUM FULL of that voice. *siiiiiigh~~* ♥

*changes icon to reflect spazziness* :D
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I realize that very few people actually cared when I mentioned before that Setomaru posted two blog entries with the same number, but I still feel compelled to now say that pretty-boy has updated again, and fixed the numbers. :D

Why I find this cute is anyone's guess.

Even cuter is what his update was about~ He went to see the GekiRangers thing, which I assume to be the stage thing Zukki was talking about the other day. He talks about how there were lots of kids there, and he yelled along with them and was all excited. ♥

...And while I'm on the subject. :D The other day I noticed something~ I was looking through his blog pictures again, and a few of the earlier ones were I guess taken with a digital camera, because they're nice big pictures. Biiig pictures. There are two or three of them, and since he's not wearing makeup in them you can see his pimples, all his cute freckle-mole-things, and, in one of the pictures -- his stubble. SETOMARU HAS STUBBLE.

This discovery made me giggle far more than it should have. I mean, he's 18, so of course he would, but, he just looks so young all the time...

Aaaanyway. Yay for pointless posts. :D And I totally didn't mail him a Valentine's card that's going to get there ridiculously late. Nope.
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TakiYuki updated his blog. I generally scan his entries to see if he mentions Setomaru there's anything interesting.

Setomaru's name is ALL OVER this entry. I will shortly attempt a (crappy) full translation, but, but, BUT -- he's talking about the Golden Pair and doubles AND. HE SAYS.


"Setomaru is the best partner"



......GAAAAAAAAAH. ♥♥♥♥


*has completely lost it, she thinks*
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I'm listening to "Try Again Seigaku" from RokkakuMyu, and it suddenly occurs to me -- Setomaru has the first solo part in that song. It's the first song from the musical.

That means, Setomaru was the very first member of the new cast to be heard singing by himself on stage. ♥ This makes me smile~
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I think "Two" may be my new-favorite Oishi solo song. It changes every once in awhile; it used to "Daisuki," then "Hontou no Kimochi"...but I think it's "Two" now. ("Type wa D!", however, remains my favorite song that Oishi sings in. ♥)

In other news...that little video clip posted on [ profile] blossoming_soul a couple of days ago has made me love Nagayan all over again, and Tuti's donut blog post reminded me why he's still my favorite Japanese person ever. ♥

Last night, I rewatched the backstage for the first BuriMyu (wedding video~), then finally got around to watching the musical itself. I found it amusing that Tuti, Nagayan, and MoriEiji dance together, when their characters have no real connection at all other than Toushirou hating Ichimaru. Which isn't really a reason for them to dance together... Also, Rukia's actress sings really well. And I still think it's sad that poor Ishida isn't even in the musicals.

I also rewatched Setomaru's episode of DD-Boys yesterday, and started entertaining the delusion that maybe my new Japanese professor (since he's from the city Setomaru went to) knows the family that owns the Daruma factory in that episode.

My delusions keep me happy, so I allow them. ♥

...I'm bored. I shouldn't be, because I have things I could do, but I am. :D

Oh yes, also -- finally put the RJM II soundtrack in my Winamp playlist, so I've been hearing some songs from it -- why isn't that on DVD?! It sounds like it'd be fun to see.

*end pointless rambling*
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Because apparently that's what I do now. :D

He updated his blog yesterday -- and seems to have forgotten how to count. :D His last entry was titled "Setomaru 60," and the new one is "Setomaru 62." Somehow, this just makes me like him more. ♥

Also, I decided to go back and reread his first Close-Up interview over on [ profile] thats_my_line, and....gah. Nothing but love for this boy. ♥

More obsessive rambling )
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You know how when you're looking at things in Windows Explorer, and if you hold your mouse over something extra info will pop up about it? File type, size, and if it's an MP3 sometimes the artist and album, and for images, the resolution.

Well, er...for some of the blog pictures I have saved, some other information also pops up.

Namely, the date and time the picture was taken, as well as the model of the camera.

By putting the camera models into Google, we get...

Tuti's camera

Setomaru's phone

Unfortunately, it doesn't give me the extra info for Tuti's blog pictures taken with his phone instead of his digital camera, or for Nagayan's pictures. Which kind of takes the fun out of it, because I totally could have figured out exactly when some of those pictures were taken...

Still, knowing what kind of phone Setomaru owns amuses me. :D
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Quidditch Club meetings (my school's Harry Potter club) always make me wish we had a Prince of Tennis club. We would have marathon viewings of the musicals, and arguments about who's gayer, Atobe or Mizuki. Meetings would start of with complaints about fanfic cliches or how Ryoma never loses, and would somehow always end with TutixNagayan discussions.

It would be awesome. :(

In other news, I've been steadily making my way through Rocket Boys. I watched Episode 10 earlier...Cut for slight spoiler )

Boys ♥

Jan. 14th, 2007 02:25 am
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One more thing to add on the ever-growing list of reasons to love Setomaru:

He can make this face )

And also...Tuti's neck? Tuti's neck? Tuti's neck?

...Excuse me while I stare at that picture.
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Does everybody steal Setomaru's shirts?! Or is he setting a fashion trend amongst the Seigaku cast...? (But the sleeves even look too short...)

Needless to say, I'm much happier about TakiYuki seemingly wearing his clothing than Doori. (...And that's just a little bit irrational...)

I also find the fact that TakiYuki didn't know iPods now have video to be quite amusing, and rather cute. ♥
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Setomaru's latest blog posts talks about the TeniMyu gang making a stop at a shrine, and the Golden Pair getting the same fortunes. Yes, yes, adorable and all.

TakiYuki has now updated and said the same thing. Even cuter, etc. etc.

But what is this talk of シンクロ?!?! I'm getting my Golden Pair fangirly hopes up here :( Someone needs to bring me back to reality ♥


Jan. 9th, 2007 04:23 pm
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Forgive me for being pushy, but PEOPLE NEED TO GO JOIN [ profile] oha_setomaru. Because there are pictures like this (posted by [ profile] racquetok). And I suck at making icons.

...Okay, I'll leave you alone now. ♥
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Keysmashing, yes. I don't do that often.

Cut for slight RikkaidaiMyu spoiler )
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I don't know why I didn't mention this before, but an lj community for Setomaru was created a few days ago, and I became one of the co-mods~ So...*pokes everyone* Go join [ profile] oha_setomaru, because he's too adorable not to. ♥
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I now officially hate the scanner here. I spent a good hour scanning and rescanning these things, because I couldn't get the darn thing clean. Little white specs kept showing up on the scans. :( I'm still not entirely happy with them, but they'll do, I guess. (...I might rescan them when I get back to school and my own scanner.)

Anyway...Setomaru's photoset from RokkakuMyu. ♥

Thumbnails under the cut~ )

In other news, I finally made some progress on a fic last night! I've only been home for, what, 3 weeks? Ah, whatever. I intend to get this one finished by the end of break, at least.


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