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But I'm posting anyway. :D

So, I've now entered the crazy world of SMJ and Yahoo! Japan auctions. And discovered just how very, very easy it is to click that little button and bid on something.

But the pictures are pretty, so it's justified. :D

Today in Japanese class we started learning keigo. Keigo is, in a word, EVIL. And I like how our teacher's all "Yeah, it's hard, and no one really uses it right anyway -- but it's important for you to learn it!" Ah well. At least I got a full score on the kanji quiz today! :D

I'm tired~ And I have to get up at...5, I think, in the morning to watch the RJM II broadcast. And then I have to watch tomorrow night's Panic Studio...let's see if I can stay up that long without needing a nap :D

...My post is very :D-filled today. :D

Hmm. I'm looking back over the lyrics for "Type wa D!," and I have a question...For Eiji's answer to Oishi's question:

"A. Tsune ni shinka shiteru
Tensai ni shikaku wa nashi! Dakara SINGLES!"

[ profile] fencer_x, your translation uses "you," but could he be talking about himself there? For some reason, when I read it before, I was reading that as an in-general "you," which didn't make a whole lot of sense, but then, that's nothing new as far as Japanese songs go. Reading it now I realize it's probably refering to either Eiji or Oishi -- but which one? If it's about Eiji, it's just him being silly and cocky, but if it's about's ADORABLE. Saying Oishi's so good that he doesn't really need Eiji, so Eiji prefers singles. I'm curious. Either interpretation could lead to Oishi's "Are you serious?!" ...But I wonder if Oishi's interpretation was the right one? :D *thinking too much about it*
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Off to Chicago tomorrow! The JLPT is Sunday; tomorrow we're going to hang around, and if the weather and the roads are manageable we'll be going to a Japanese supermarket and bookstore. (Japanese bookstore....*longing*) If we get to go (and oh I hope we do), I'll be trying very, very hard not to spend all the money I have. If they have PoT manga, I make no promises, though. :D

Also, I really hope I pass this test. You only have to get 60% to pass, so I'll feel like a real idiot if I fail.

Anyway, in other news, I have decided for some reason or other that this year I want to send out Christmas cards! I bought some really cute ones yesterday. :D If anyone wants one, lemme know~ You can leave a comment so I'll know who to expect e-mails from (I'm a little paranoid), and then e-mail me your address at Just make sure to include your lj name, so I'll know who you are, and the name you want me to put on the envelope. :)

[ profile] nacchi_camui, you already posted your address, so you're definitely getting a card. :) soon as I figure out how to send mail internationally. :D

Which brings me to my -- Okay, interrupting my own sentence to say that I'm currently listening to the Dream Buster CD, and....TUTI. YOU...JUST...TUTI. THE VOICE...IT KILLS ME. He's like "Look, I can be a voice actor too~" Oh, Tuti. ♥ Also, is it just me or does MoriEiji sound just like Momo in this?

...Back to what I was saying...I'm a crazy fangirl and I wanna send Christmas cards to a certain few boys in Japan. ♥ Namely Tuti, Nagayan, Setomaru, TakiYuki, and Mamo. Haha, I don't even know how weird getting a Christmas card would be for them, but I also don't really know how much I care. :D I just have to find addresses for all of them...and figure out how to send mail internationally, as aforementioned.



Nov. 7th, 2006 08:33 pm
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I'm kind of bored tonight, can you tell? :D

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know anyone who's taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this year? My 400-level Japanese class is being given free transportation and a place to sleep, so I'm taking it, in Chicago. ♥ I'm taking Level 3, the second-to-easiest level, because I suck and am afraid of kanji. :D

I have to get around to studying for it, sometime between now and December 3rd. Too bad I can't just pretend I don't have any other classes, because I would much rather study Japanese than write a research paper and a computer program.


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