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Title: Better When I Lie [1/?]
Disclaimer: Not my characters~
Pairings/Characters: Derek/Stiles (pre-relationship), Stiles/various minor OCs
Rating: R
Word Count: ~9300
Warnings: language, non-graphic sexual content, see notes for more
Spoilers: none? it's AU, I don't think there's any spoilers...


Derek is in his mid-twenties when Laura finally convinces him to go to college, and he gets his own apartment in a building full of obnoxious students.

He could deal with that, except his neighbor's brand of obnoxious involves staying up late to play computer games, mumbling to himself while he studies, having video chats with a friend (just the one, as far as Derek can tell), reassuring his father via phone that he's alive and not getting into trouble, and occasionally having really awkward sex.

It's that last one that's the real problem.

Author's Notes: A long time ago I decided I wanted an AU fic where Laura never came back to Beacon Hills, she and Derek continued to live in New York, then Stiles ended up in New York for college or whatever and met Derek.

More recently, I was listening to "In The Next Room" by Neon Trees, had the idea for this fic, and started giggling a lot. (The title is from the song but whether it directly relates to the fic is open to interpretation.)

This fic involves a lot of Derek listening to Stiles have sex in the next apartment over while Stiles is completely unaware, and if someone can tell me a succinct way to warn for that I will. There is no sexual activity on Derek's part while he's listening to Stiles, though. Mostly he's pretty blase and vaguely annoyed by the whole thing.

In the interest of full disclosure, this will have at least one more chapter but I have absolutely no idea when I'll get around to it. It works as a (somewhat lacking, if you don't like pre-relationship stuff) one-shot so you can go ahead and read it now if you'd like, but if it's going to bother you when I don't update for weeks or months you might wanna skip this. If you do read it I hope you like it!

Derek hears things. )
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Title: All's Fair
Disclaimer: Not my characters~
Pairings/Characters: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2700
Warnings: language, talk of war things like imprisonment and assassination
Spoilers: through S2

Summary: Derek will know he's coming, of course; Derek always knows. But Stiles isn't trying to hide from Derek.

Author's Notes: Future fic with a war between the werewolves and hunters. This started off as a random image in my head of Stiles visiting Derek in some sort of war-room and offering tactical advice even though they weren't on the same side. It evolved a little and wouldn't leave me alone and eventually I had to write it down, even though this one scene is all I have.

The building looks like a castle in the dark. )


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