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Off to Chicago tomorrow! The JLPT is Sunday; tomorrow we're going to hang around, and if the weather and the roads are manageable we'll be going to a Japanese supermarket and bookstore. (Japanese bookstore....*longing*) If we get to go (and oh I hope we do), I'll be trying very, very hard not to spend all the money I have. If they have PoT manga, I make no promises, though. :D

Also, I really hope I pass this test. You only have to get 60% to pass, so I'll feel like a real idiot if I fail.

Anyway, in other news, I have decided for some reason or other that this year I want to send out Christmas cards! I bought some really cute ones yesterday. :D If anyone wants one, lemme know~ You can leave a comment so I'll know who to expect e-mails from (I'm a little paranoid), and then e-mail me your address at Just make sure to include your lj name, so I'll know who you are, and the name you want me to put on the envelope. :)

[ profile] nacchi_camui, you already posted your address, so you're definitely getting a card. :) soon as I figure out how to send mail internationally. :D

Which brings me to my -- Okay, interrupting my own sentence to say that I'm currently listening to the Dream Buster CD, and....TUTI. YOU...JUST...TUTI. THE VOICE...IT KILLS ME. He's like "Look, I can be a voice actor too~" Oh, Tuti. ♥ Also, is it just me or does MoriEiji sound just like Momo in this?

...Back to what I was saying...I'm a crazy fangirl and I wanna send Christmas cards to a certain few boys in Japan. ♥ Namely Tuti, Nagayan, Setomaru, TakiYuki, and Mamo. Haha, I don't even know how weird getting a Christmas card would be for them, but I also don't really know how much I care. :D I just have to find addresses for all of them...and figure out how to send mail internationally, as aforementioned.

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Nagayan's birthday is in a day and a half! And there had better be some decent post-birthday pictures. With people other than stupid Gaku. Or more specifically, with Tuti. *shakes finger at Nagayan*

Speaking of Nagayan...well, kinda-sorta. I've been going a little nuts with taking pictures on my new cell phone ever since I got it in September, and lately I've been thinking it would be fun to have a Nagayan-esque blog where I just post random pictures and a half-sentence or two in Japanese. Because I'm a weirdo. ♥

Also lately, I've been wanting to start a couple lj communities...or talk someone else into starting them. That would work too. One of them is an idea I've had for awhile, for a PoT fanfic writers comm -- not for posting finished fics, but for stuff-in-progress, to get feedback and such on, and also for discussing fic ideas, asking for little bits of info that you sometimes need to know for a fic but have no idea where to find, etc. The other is a community for all, 7 actors who have played the Golden Pair in the musicals. (Oh sure, we'll count Ichitaro, just in the off chance he'll ever actually have a fangirl.) This would be for...well, pretty much anything involving any of them, because they deserve it ♥ Info, fics, media, random fangirling, what-have-you.

*subject change* In case anyone's interested, I'm up to over 14,000 words on my NaNo fic~ I have a feeling I won't get to 50,000 by the end of the month, though, 'cause I have way too much other stuff to do. And Thanksgiving is already next week!! The end of the year is coming up fast...


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