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Because apparently that's what I do now. :D

He updated his blog yesterday -- and seems to have forgotten how to count. :D His last entry was titled "Setomaru 60," and the new one is "Setomaru 62." Somehow, this just makes me like him more. ♥

Also, I decided to go back and reread his first Close-Up interview over on [ profile] thats_my_line, and....gah. Nothing but love for this boy. ♥

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The boy is sure getting talked about a lot recently~

But, he's talking about how he and Setomaru and...Inui's actor, I think? were together for...a magazine article? (Link) I'm not entirely sure, but the reason I mention it is he has a picture with Inui's actor, but not with Setomaru. Neither one of them have ever had a picture with the other one in their blogs, as far as I can remember. Even that time they went out to eat with a couple other people and were clearly sitting on the same side of the table, they still only put pictures up of themselves. But, on the TeniMyu site diaries, there are several pics of them together.

I wonder if they're trying to avoid looking too friendly with each other? If they are, it's kind of smart of them. Seriously, being the actors for the Golden Pair must be tough anyway, and then becoming friends outside of that...I can understand wanting to show a little distance.

...But. They're just both so cute. And those pictures on the TeniMyu site are so tiny. Please, boys? Please? I promise people won't automatically assume you make out backstage if you just post a nice, decent-sized picture together.

At least, most people won't.

Also, I think TakiYuki wanted to give me a mild heart attack by referring to someone named "Gaku-san" in his blog. Upon closer inspection I realized he was talking about Bane-san's actor (er, Kurobane, from Rokkaku). He apparently went out to eat with him and Davide's actor (a.k.a. Amane, also from Rokkaku)!! Bane-san and Davide are my third-favorite doubles pair, and when the guys who play my favorite boys become friends, it makes me happy. ♥


Oct. 20th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Okay, so, my birthday was Wednesday, and I'm going to make a longer post later about what I got and how I'm turning my mom into a *pnish* fan, but one of the things I got was an MP3 player. Listening to songs on little tiny speakers right in your ears is a slightly different experience than listening to them on comptuer speakers. You notice more things.

Or you finally hear something you suspected long ago well enough to become convinced.

I take it you have all heard Eiji's song "My Lover"? (If not, let me know and I'll figure out some way to get it to you.) Well, in that song, there's another voice singing along with Eiji's.

Am I the only person who think it sounds like Oishi?

I've thought it for a long time, but I can really hear it now. I wonder if it has that other singer listed in the booklet that comes with the CD? ...I wonder how much the CD is?
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Is Omotesandou Hills, like, the place to go around Tokyo for ice cream? Expensive ice cream that people buy anyway? TakiYuki was talking about going there for ice cream in his blog. What he didn't specify, but what I'm going to assume, is that he went with the same people he ate lunch with, which included Setomaru, Aiba, and...some other person whose name I didn't recognize. (Names found on Setomaru's blog, because TakiYuki neglected to mention them.)

I want to know what makes the ice cream there so special.


Oct. 4th, 2006 11:33 am
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You know that ring that Tuti always wears, on his left pinkie finger?

In his latest blog entry, he's not wearing it.

I don't remember ever seeing an out-of-costume picture where it was clearly visible that he wasn't wearing it.

Seeing one now makes me unexplainably sad. :(


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