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Title: Sharing Is Caring (And Carlos Always Cares)
Disclaimer: Still not my boys, although I kind of love them like they were.
Pairings/Characters: all 4 boys, totally gen
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2,800
Warnings: none? kid!fic? is that a warning?

Summary: Little BTR boys go trick-or-treating.

Author's Notes: Written for Trick Or Drabble 2011. [ profile] shisou_eimin wanted "kid!btr trick or treating together with a focus on Logan and Carlos' friendship" ♥


"Carlos, wait!"

Logan grabbed Carlos by the arm before his foot could hit the pavement. "What's up?" Carlos asked. "Did we skip a house?"

"No," Logan said, shaking his head. "You have to look both ways before you cross the street! You know that!"

"But…there's only one way to look. It's a dead end."

Logan let go of Carlos's arm with a slight huff. "Doesn't matter. You should still look. Right Kendall?" he asked as their friend walked up behind them.

"Huh?" Kendall looked up from his bag of candy. "Oh, no, I'm with Carlos. Dead end, there's not any traffic. Hey James, how much did you get from that last house?"

"I dunno," James answered, and now they were all crossing the stupid street without even looking one way first. Another huff, and Logan gave a slight tug on his doctor's coat, looked both ways—even if one way was just a field instead of a road—and followed them. "More than you did."

"You wish."

"You wish."

"I wish what?"

"That you were as cool as me."

Logan jogged past the two arguers to catch up with Carlos again. "Carlos," he said quickly, trying to get this out before they reached the porch, "you're supposed to be a cop, right? Safety is important."

"Oh." Carlos stopped walking and turned to Logan, his eyes wide and a little sad. "Don't tell my dad, okay?"

"I won't," Logan told him, satisfied that Carlos now saw the error of his ways. He tugged on his friend's arm again to keep him moving. "C'mon, before James and Kendall get there first and take all the good candy."

Carlos didn't need to be told twice, and a second later they were dashing up to the door and knocking excitedly. "Trick-or-treat!" they said in unison as the door was opened. Unfortunately they didn't get to pick their own candy, but they got some good stuff anyway. As James and Kendall were walking up the steps behind them Logan and Carlos jumped off the porch and headed to the next house, but they didn't get far before Mrs. Knight was yelling at them as she walked up the yard with Katie.

"Hey, you boys stay together!"

They stopped, both with a sigh, to wait for their friends, who of course were arguing again. "It's not fair you got a Reese's when I only got Tootsie Rolls," James said. Well, whined, really.

"It's because my costume's better."

"Nuh-uh, mine is. I have a suit." James set his briefcase on the ground to run a hand down the front of his jacket, smoothing it. His costume wasn't really a costume, since he was just wearing the suit his mom had bought him that summer for some fancy dinner or something. But he'd filled up one of his mom's briefcases with product information packets and was calling himself a 'Brooke Diamond Cosmetics Sales Representative.' Like three different ladies had actually tried to order stuff from him already.

"Well I have a sword," Kendall shot back. Logan eyed him wearily, hoping they weren't about to have another sword vs. briefcase fight.

"Yeah a fake one. What'd you get, Carlos?"

"I dunno," Carlos said with a shrug. "Can we go to the next house now?"

"He got a Butterfinger and some SweeTarts," Logan told them.

"Dude! Can I have the Butterfinger?" James asked.

"No!" Carlos pulled his candy bag close to his chest.

"Come on, you don't even like Butterfingers!"

"Yes I do!"

"Well not as much as I do!"

"James!" Logan cut in when it seemed like Kendall wasn't going to—in fact, Logan noticed as he looked around, Kendall was gone already. "You can't take his candy!"

"I don't wanna take it, I'll trade for it. Want some Tootsie Rolls, Carlos?"

"Not until we get home, boys," Mrs. Knight said, suddenly appearing beside them. "You can divvy up everything then. Now go on, Kendall's already knocking on the door."

"He is?" James asked, head jerking in the direction of the next house. "And he's got Katie with him now? That's totally cheating!" James took off, Logan and Carlos on his heels.

Logan didn't so much care about who got the most candy, but James was right, going to the door with your little sister was definitely cheating. Especially since they had matching outfits—Kendall as a (historically inaccurate) medieval knight and Katie as some sort of weird fluffy dragon.

After that house James and Kendall started arguing over who got to 'use' Katie next, and before Carlos could get in on the argument Logan grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

"I don't want them to win," Carlos protested.

"They always win," Logan reminded him. "'Cause they cheat. And anyway, I was watching the kids before us. At this house we get to pick our own candy, so c'mon." Carlos grinned at that and followed along eagerly.

"Trick-or-treat!" they said again, and as the bowl was held out to them Logan could see the gleam in Carlos's eyes. "Don't be greedy," he warned his friend.

Carlos paused with his hand halfway to the bowl and turned to Logan, bottom lip stuck out. "I'm not greedy, Logan."

"Uh-huh, sometimes."

"Nuh-uh! I'm never greedy. Here, I'll get your candy and you can get mine. Okay?" Carlos grabbed a handful of candy and waited for Logan to open his bag so he could drop it in. Then he held his own bag out to Logan expectantly.

Logan made a face and took a few pieces of candy from the bowl and dropped them into the bag. Then he heard a chuckle and looked up at the lady holding the bowl.

"Oh come on now, he gave you more than that!" she said with a smile.

His cheeks getting hot, Logan reached into the bowl again to give Carlos some more candy, who just stood there beaming. "Thanks Logan."

"You're welcome," Logan mumbled.

"You boys are so cute," the lady said, and they both turned to look at her. "Here, I save these for special trick-or-treaters. You can each pick one, okay?"

She ducked back into the house for a second and came back with another bowl—this one full of king-size candy bars. Logan and Carlos exchanged a wide-eyed 'Jackpot!' look before they each hovered a hand over the bowl, trying to decide what to pick. Logan spotted a Snickers and went for it, then shoved it in his bag.

"Thank you!" they told the lady, matching grins on their faces before they spun around, fist-bumped, and then ran off the porch.

Kendall and James were waiting for them, along with Mrs. Knight and Katie, at the side of the yard. "Aren't you guys gonna go get some candy?" Carlos asked them.

"We're not allowed," James pouted.

"We made Katie cry," Kendall explained. At least he sounded guilty.

Logan glanced at Katie and saw she was still sniffling a little. Then Carlos was in front of her, kneeling down some. "Want a piece of my candy?" he asked. She nodded, rubbing at her eyes, and then Carlos fished a small piece of candy out of his bag and handed it to her.

"What do you say, Katie?" Mrs. Knight said with a smile.

"Thank you," she sniffled, clutching the candy.

"Here, you can have a piece of mine too," Kendall said, squatting so he was eye-level with his sister and rooting around in his bag.

Well, if they were both doing it… "Mine too," Logan added, opening his bag and peering in for something he could bear to part with.

After the three of them had each given a piece of candy to Katie, all of them—even Mrs. Knight, and if Logan wasn't imagining things even Katie—turned to look at James.

He stuck his lip out at them for a second, before looking down at Katie. Then his shoulders slumped a little and he stepped forward, mumbling "Mine too." Katie thanked him with a grin, and he patted her head.

"Okay, you can go to the next house now," Mrs. Knight said, and then James and Kendall were gone in a flash.

"Wait up!" Logan and Carlos called after them, running to catch up.


"My pile's bigger."

"No it's not."

"It is too Kendall, look. Yours is only this big—" there was a pause, but Logan didn't bother looking up to see James's inaccurate measuring attempts— "and mine is this big."

"You moved your hands!"

"I did not!"

"I got more than Logan did!" Carlos chimed in.

"No you didn't," Logan said automatically, again not glancing away from sorting his candy into the 'keep' and 'trade' piles.

"Uh-huh. I just ate some of it already."

"What?!" He did look up at that, to glare at Carlos. "You're not supposed to eat any of it before we trade! You know that, Carlos!"

"It's not a big deal," Kendall said.

"It is too! Those are the rules, Carlos!" Logan went on, pointing a finger at his friend now.

"Well it's a stupid rule!" Carlos shot back. "I wasn't going to trade that stuff anyway."

"How much did you eat?" Logan demanded.


"How much candy! Three pieces, five, 20?!"

"Um…I dunno?"

"Where are the wrappers?!"

"Um. Here's one," Carlos said, picking an empty wrapper out of his candy pile. "And here's another one…"

Logan dove at the candy, rummaging through it and picking out all the wrappers he could find. There were…a lot of them. Logan gestured at them all. "Carlos!"

"What? It's my candy, Logan! I can eat it if I wanna!"

"But we're supposed to trade first! Plus you're gonna make yourself sick eating that much."

"Whatever, I'm not gonna get sick. So can we trade now?"

"I want the Butterfinger," James said immediately.

"You can't have it," Carlos said, sticking his tongue out.

"You can have mine, James," Logan said with an irritated sigh. His friends had no respect for rules. "What'll you give me for it?"

With the exchange of a Butterfinger for a small pack of M&Ms—an excellent trade, in Logan's opinion—the bartering process began in earnest. Logan was the pickiest one, preferring mostly chocolate, and not that generic crap if he could help it. James was also fairly picky and liked chocolate best, and he was also way better at getting exactly what he wanted than Logan was, which sucked. Kendall didn't really care what he got, but he had a soft spot for anything with caramel that the other boys could use to their advantage. Carlos would eat just about anything, but he tended to choose all things sugary, sour, and gummy over stuff with chocolate. Overall they were pretty well balanced in their Halloween candy preferences, which meant by the end of the exchange everyone was happy. Even Logan, who consoled himself over James getting the best chocolate by remembering the giant Snickers he still had hidden in his bag.

Logan carefully picked out three pieces of candy to eat right away and shoved the rest of it back in his bag on top of the Snickers. He really wanted to brag about that one, but if he did that James and Kendall would either guilt him into sharing it or just steal it from him and he really wanted that Snickers bar all to himself.

As he unwrapped his first piece of chocolate Logan watched his friends shoveling candy into their mouths and rolled his eyes. "You're all gonna get sick," he muttered.

Kendall was the first of the three to quit. He tied up his bag and darted out of the room with it, telling the other boys not to follow him.

"Think he's hidin' it in the same place as last year?" Carlos asked around a mouthful of…something.

"Probably," James said, searching his pile for his next victim.

"Think he'll notice when we start stealing from it?"

"Probably not," Logan answered.

A minute later Kendall returned, and not long after that James gave up as well, shoving the rest of his candy in his bag with a disgusted snorting sound. "I'm never even looking at another piece of candy ever again. Logan, why'd you let me eat that much?"

Logan's mouth dropped open, and he sputtered for a second before narrowing his eyes and flicking an empty wrapper at James's head.

"I'll take your candy if you don't want it," Carlos offered, holding out a hand.

"No way!" James said immediately, clutching his bag. Carlos shrugged and popped another piece of candy in his mouth.

"Carlos," Logan warned, "if you don't stop you're gonna throw up everywhere. And you won't have any candy left for tomorrow."

"I still have the giant Twix bar."

All three of them stared at him, Logan in disbelief that he was giving away their secret, Kendall and James with a sort of renewed hunger in their eyes.

"Where'd you get a giant Twix bar?!" they both demanded.

"Um…from that one house. When you guys were in trouble."

"Did you get one too?" James asked Logan, eyes narrowed.

"Um…no." Well it wasn't a lie.

"He got somethin' else, right Logan?"

"Carlos!" Logan hit him, but he didn't even say 'ow.'

"So you guys were holdin' out on us, huh?" Kendall asked.

"I was gonna share it," Carlos said, then reached in his bag to pull out the candy. "See? It has four of 'em!"

Now Kendall and James were both looking at Logan, eyebrows raised. "I'm not sharing!" Logan told them, his lip stuck out, holding his bag of candy in his lap.

"It's your candy Logan, you can eat it if you wanna," Carlos said with a smile.

For whatever reason that actually make Logan feel bad. "…Maybe I'll share it tomorrow," he mumbled. "And Carlos you need to save that till tomorrow too."

"Okay," Carlos said, but then he looked at the others. "Okay guys?"

James opened his mouth but Kendall spoke first. "Yep, that's cool, Carlos. We've had enough for tonight. Wanna watch scary movies now?"

They changed into their pajamas—Friday nights made for the best Halloweens, 'cause none of them had to go home—and all piled on the couch. Kendall found something on TV for them to watch, but not 15 minutes later Carlos started to make sad whimpering noises next to Logan.

"What's the matter? Is it too scary?" Logan asked him.

Carlos shook his head, and looking at his pained expression made everything click.

"Your tummy hurts, doesn't it?"

There was no answer, but Carlos's lip started to tremble.

"C'mon," Logan sighed, sliding off the couch.


"Kendall's room. You should lay down."

"I wanna watch the movie!"

"What's goin' on?" Kendall asked.

"Carlos is sick," Logan explained.

"I'm not sick!" Carlos protested.

"Your tummy hurts."

"Only a little."

"Should we wake up your mom?" James asked Kendall.

He shook his head. "No, she's tired. Logan knows what to do, right?"

"Yeah, he should go lay down," Logan repeated.

"I wanna watch the movie, Kendall," Carlos pouted.

"Can't he lay down in here, Logan?" Kendall asked, glancing from one of them to the other.

Logan sighed again, figuring it wasn't worth the argument. "Fine. Come help me get some medicine, Kendall."

At that Carlos looked scared. "Medicine?!"

"It'll help you feel better, Carlos," Logan said, repeating what his own mother always told him. "Don't you wanna feel better?"

Carlos just nodded, lip still stuck out, hands now clutching at his stomach.

Logan smiled. "Okay, then we'll be right back."

Kendall showed Logan where they kept the medicine, and Logan found the same pink stuff his mom gave him when he had a tummy ache. He took it and a small measuring cup back into the living room.

It took some arguing and bartering and threatening (specifically to throw the rest of his candy away), but eventually Logan got Carlos to take the medicine (making a face the whole time). Logan put the rest of it back where he got it, then retook his spot on the couch.

"Now lay down," he instructed Carlos.

Logan hadn't really meant 'on my lap' when he said it, but that's where Carlos was now and once again, arguing was probably pointless. So Logan just took the blanket Kendall was handing him and opened it out over his friend, then settled back and watched the movie for as long as his eyes would stay open.


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